Can you make the It List?

We're always looking for new and fresh bloggers. Unfortunately, we limit our list of syndicated blogs. At max, we have 200 bloggers covering the very best in women's and/or men's fashion. We have strict rules and we expect the best from our members.

We pride ourselves on offering a real service to our patrons. The It List offers new, hot, and very fashionable blogs that cover the top designers within Second Life. When you visit The It List you know what to expect from us.

If you run a women's or men's fashion blog and you believe yourself a true Second Life fashionista please apply!

Our requirements:

You do not need to be experienced. New photographers and bloggers can be very skilled. We don't limit blog age. If you've got it, we want you.

You must be an active blogger. You require a minimum of 4 blogs a month. If you go inactive and do not let us know, we will remove your membership without warning. 

Only blogs featuring creative content in the category of women's or men's fashion will be considered. 

The use of filters does not make you a good photographer. Simple sometimes is better. 

Please be aware that it will take a few days for us to verify each application. We ask that you be patient with us. Do not apply more than once.

Before submitting your application, please make sure that you've filled out each question properly. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

We do require a one-time membership fee for all new bloggers. Once your application is accepted you will be required to make your payment of 1000L before you officially add you as an It List blogger.

You are required to put the It List logo on your blog site and direct it back to us.

By submitting an application, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

Blogger Application

Second Life name (Not Display)*
Blog name*
Blog URL*
Flickr Url*
What are a few of your favorite SL brands?*
Have you read through our rules and expections? Do you understand and agree to comply?


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