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Nyenna Enyo - Nyhilistic

http://bestff.net/author/admin It List founder and administrator.

follow url Fashion is only the art of self expression. Art is an outsource for creativity. Therefore, fashion is an art and we are all artists.

Blanche Foxclaw - Blanche's Randomity

go to link I've been there for more than 5 years and still exploring this user-based virtual community.
My blog is mostly a hobby for me. To express my vision and my inspirations from my interactions and the things I see in Second Life.

Cereza Chan - Virtual Barbie Doll

Weaver of Dreams & Fantasy
- It is my passion to engage scenarios and stories through my photographs.

ChristinaCassandra - ChristinaCassandra

A Shopaholic both in RL and SL, finding pretty pretties to make my own definition of creative style. Usually changing my style to match whatever mood I'm in. My blog is my digital diary of what I put together, and a reminder of what I have in my bottomless SL inventory.

Cheyanne Luik - Cheys Pocket Sized Pixels

Within my blog I like to keep it simple...very few photoshop tricks are used...I like I like to create a scene around the picture, setting up the background and going from there.  I am forever teaching myself something new withing the SL photography.

Ermingild Resident - Chris Chronicles

Chris Chronicles is a blog about my journey through the Second Life collecting the pieces of my fantasies in form of artistic photos accompanied with short (one line to one paragraph) stories. My personal challenge is to express my feelings and impressions about through the means of visual art. The blog is featuring two categories - male fashion and home decoration (both interior and exterior).

Grant Valeska - The Blondshell

I came to Second Life in 2006 but didn't begin taking photos until 2010, when I started my original blog named G.Valeska. In 2016 I created my new blog - The Blondshell - where my goal has been to take more editorial style images instead of the quick LOTD's I was previously blogging. Outside of blogging in Second Life I enjoy exploring new sims, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, decorating, and planning events!

Guinevere Kirshner - hump muffin

I have been in Second Life since 2006 and I enjoy blogging, djing, but mostly hanging out with friends.  My style is mostly cutesy and kawaii. I do enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone when blogging and I have no problem changing up my style.

Hunnie Von Munster - The Style Asylum

I love trying new things and am obsessed with the Creative, fashion, & beauty industries... SL & RL. Highlighting well made pieces that everyone can feel confident about trying out themselves, is what it's all about to me!

Justine Lemton - JUSTINE LEMTON

I really enjoy what I do and it really does show in my work. I started taking pictures in Second Life in 2010, and started blogging in 2016. Join me in my journey and let's grow together! <3

Kah Blaisdale - Creativity Second Life

I have been a blogger for 3 years (since 2013), I'm a designer too, make beautiful singles poses for woman and male.
I'm always looking for the novelty in this metaverse world.

Kawaiilian Resident - ChloeDakota.com

I consider blogging a journey to discovering and capturing the wonders of Second Life through a snapshot whilst occasionally writing about my philosphical daydreams.

Keely Mistwood - She's got the look!

I posted my first blog post back in 2012. Styling my avatar and taking pics is what I love doing. What you see on my blog is a mix of sexy, sophisticated, romantic and sporty style. I am often in awe of what is created by the talented people on Second Life and it's an honor to showcase it on my blog.

Lilly Sunflower - Cheezypotatoes

Blogging allows me to blend my love of photography, creativity, and the most awesome shit created by the many amazing designers of Second Life. I'm constantly changing my look, because isn't that part of the fun?

MollyWolliDoodle - Queen Of Carnage

Queen of Carnage (aka MollyWolliDoodle) enjoys a megamix of alll things from kewt to grungey. Not affraid of getting grubby, you can find Molly scratting about at Dystopia (a public post apoc sim she owns with friends) or making events such as Indie Teepee happen. Do not hesitate to get in contact with her if you wanna know more.

Morghana Savira -*Fashion Dream in SL*

"Style Embellishes Even the Simplest Soul!"
Born on 2008 after many activities, not always linked to the fashion world, I decided to become a fashion blogger, mixing my passion for SL photography to my "madness" in the shopping. And here I am!

Mylla Collazo - Mylla Fairmont 

Second Life Fashion Photography

I'm a die-hard Harry Potter fan who loves taking on new hobbies and learning new editing and photographing techniques 😛

Puddin Black - Puddin on the Ritz

Hai, I'm Puddin o/ my style is kinda all over the place cause I wear what I like and I like a lot of different styles, my favorite thing is to mix dark with cute, and I love a challenge of making things work together that maybe weren't meant to.

RenMatsura - Letcirrent


Rosemaery Lorefield - The Royal Bohemian

Shabby Chic Boho Princess. Hermit. Blogger. Likes cats.

rxde Resident - rxde

Blogging has always been one of my passions, I love showcasing all the wonderful creations that designers come up with and applying my own little twist. My photographs represent my mood, my visions and give me a chance to express my creativity.

silenced0racle - Ratchet Girls

Just a girl living the SL life and playing dress up... love all things ratchet and thrown together well, blogging for 1 yr now mixing blogging and rp having a good time

Sharia Cortes - Shari The Cat

I have been in SL for nearly 10 nears and have seen an awful lot come and go, NOW is the best time for Fashion to be in the forefront of Blogging and for all to shine so beautifully.  We all have our own style and we make it shout out.  That is my way and I love it

Skynnyxx - Fascinatingblogone


Sheri Bury - Kiss My {SL} Beauty

Hi there ... I have been in Second Life for over 10 years and always have had an interest in the virtual fashion world. I'm a huge supporter of the many talented designers in SL and felt one of the ways I could help promote their amazing designs is by blogging and that's when Kiss My {SL} Beauty was born. I'm very versatile and love trying new challenges that are fun and interesting!

Sonja Mortensen - My gothic mirror

Hi, my name is Sonja Mortensen, I am blogger since something like two years, I live in search of new styles and taste everything that crosses my path.

Sophieso Demonia - [SD StyleLux]

I have been blogging for over a year with a lot of joy and passion.
I love to create looks with clothes and accessories. And I love to create pics with a special note.
For me, it is important to put the product in a scene with colors, light, and shadow and I have a lot of fun telling stories ( if it fits) with my picture. I am thrilled with your feed, your page is professional, stylish and with a lot of focus on the essential.
I would be glad to be there ♥

Tha Gushiken Thomson - Instinctinfashion

I'm passionate about fashion and I'm always connected to current trends.

Violet Batriani - Violet Batriani

When I rezzed into Second Life I quickly found my passion in fashion.  I devoted a few years to fashion modeling and eventually found a love in blogging. Today, I love blogging, dancing, being with my friends and of course shopping.

Violette's Closet - Violette's Closet

I've been a blogging since September of 2013. I love all different styles of clothing and my blog shows that. I like to refer to my blog as a "fashion review blog" because I do like to write about what I wear. I've discovered that I love blogging skins and mesh heads because of all the different looks I can get. I like to think of myself as a chameleon.

Wicca Merlin - ...fashionaddicted...

The right way is where you heart leads you!

Welcome and thank you for looking in. Hi, I am Wicca Merlin, a model and blogger since 2008“ and then throw tons of big names at you.

What is more to the point is that I do what I love in SL. I love fashion, I love blogging and I love teaching, I love being creative with styles and I just discovered a new love: Designing & Making Poses.

YeriakTH Couturier - Yeriak StyleGoals

Style & Goals born in 2012 I start blogging for a long time, I enjoyed explore, fashion and decoration all of them are my instruments for inspiring me.

YukiNoHana Guardian - Yukinohana's Wicked Fantasyland

Hello, I'm Yuki. I've been blogging for a while and I haven't been able to stop 🙂  I love blogging, changing appearences, taking pictures and discovering new places in SL.